हाइलाइटिंग वार्प स्लब, टाइट और इलास्टिक, स्पर्श करने पर चिकना



10.5 औंस



धागे की गिनती



सी=70 टी=28 एस=2

फोशान नानहाई होंगक्सिंगहोंग टेक्सटाइल कंपनी लिमिटेड।


Item 2304D-244 is a classic,often green,never out of style.The blue color is bright,The slub is standing out,but no cross.The composition is 78%cotton,20%ployester,2%spandex.It is very soft and comfortable by your hands and the quality is good.The yarn is 10+10*21/70.So that is fine and smooth.

It is an excellent choice for denim garments, such as jackets, pants, dresses, and for women and kids.The stretch is pretty good,offering comfort and freedom for enjoyable outdoor activities, especially the fat women.The BW weight is 10OZ,the AW weight is 11.4OZ.The material is medium weight, making it perfect for for spring,summer, autumn.

The weft shrinkage rate is 12%,and the warp is 3%.The width of the fabric is 164cm,but becomes 143cm after washing.And the woven is classic 3/1 twill.That is a classic denim fabric forever out of date, specially suitable for some people who love free and enjoy every activity.It is suitable for every woman and kid because it is soft.

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