क्लासिक सदाबहार, मजबूत पुरुषों के परिधान, क्लासिक शीतकालीन शैली



12.6 औंस



धागे की गिनती



सी=73 टी=25 एस=2

फोशान नानहाई होंगक्सिंगहोंग टेक्सटाइल कंपनी लिमिटेड।


The biggest feature of the fabric 851 is classic green western style,largely thick,rough cross,never out.It is a classic woven by 3/1 twill. The denim is largely thick for BW weight 12.6OZ and AW weight 14.2OZ.

It is a classic men rough denim style in winter.It is made by 7*12/70 ring yarn.So the quality is very good.The composition is mixed with 73%cotton,25%ployester and 2% spandex.The appearance is rough cross.The weft is 9~11% and the warp is 4%. The width is 153cm.There are three colors,deep blue,extra deep blue, and blue grey.

It is very popular around wild men all the time.Strong, rugged, wear-resistant, and bold is the biggest features.If adding fuzz inside,it will better fashion and warmer.You also can do the dirty work.But meantime,it is suitable for men on business occasions.It shows a casual matching causal suit and sport-shoes.

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