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फोशान नानहाई होंगक्सिंगहोंग टेक्सटाइल कंपनी लिमिटेड।


The biggest feature of the fabric 887 is the slub very dense,standing up and light cross visible.It is a classic men's style.The yarn is made by 8OA+8sulb*12/70+12/40cross.The composition is 98%cotton,2%spandex.

That is a high quality fabric.The BW weight is 11OZ and AW is 12.8OZ.So it is very thick by your hands. It is the top pick up in winter.The weave is classic 3/1 twill.The stretch is middle and tight .It feels soft and comfortable by your hands.Width is 180cm.That fabric is very good for business men,it is a very gentlemanly style,and good quality.

This is also suitable for business casual style.The jacket matching is very simple, with casual shirt,leisure sports shoes,just showing the generous and sunny style.It is nice to wear England leather shoe ,color suit,white sweater inside with these fabric pants.It is a good taste for some men.

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