ताना और बाना स्लब, तेजी से बिकने वाला फैशन, मध्य-मूल्य प्रतिनिधि



9.7 औंस



धागे की गिनती



सी=70 टी=28 एस=2

फोशान नानहाई होंगक्सिंगहोंग टेक्सटाइल कंपनी लिमिटेड।


Item 948 is a style of slub standing out,but no cross.That is a fashonianl quickly sale product for the price is common.The composition is 70%cotton,28%ployester,2%spandex.It is very soft and comfortable by your hands and the quality is good.The yarn is 10+10*10/40.So that is fine and smooth.But it is suitable for men for its rude slub.

There are multiple colors of blue.It is an excellent choice for denim garments, such as jackets, and pants for men.The stretch is pretty good even tight,offering comfort and freedom for everyone, especially the fat people.The BW weight is 9.7OZ.The material is medium weight, making it perfect for for spring,summer, autumn. The width of the fabric is 168cm.And the weave is classic 3/1 twill.For the slub many and standing out.

Overall, there is a vertical effect for the apparel.It is simple, full of denim flavor.It is absolutely necessary for a fashion man to keep a jacket in his wardrobe.

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