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फोशान नानहाई होंगक्सिंगहोंग टेक्सटाइल कंपनी लिमिटेड।


A07 is special for shirts,blue color.It is a satin twill. It is made by all 32*32 yarn.The composition is 100%cotton.The fabric weight is only 4.2OZ.It is very light and thin.The weft is 2% and the warp is 6%. The weight is the same after washing or before washing.The width of the fabric is not changed,both 170cm.

There is no cross and no sub.There is no stretch.The texture is extremely soft and comfortable.So the quality is very good.It is a kind of high level shirt fabric.But the price is good value for money.It is very suitable for casual occasions.

It is useful for matching many dressing.For example,this shirt matching denim pants, unbuttoned up three buttons,a black belt round waist,wearing pink high heels,pulling up sleeves, timing a tail.It is amazing for everyone.Or this is fabric can be cut with loose style,matching loose khaki color pants.It is absolutely the top pick up for middle-age women.It is free and comfortable.

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