Advanced Technical & Capacity

Established in 2004, HXH Denim has carved a niche in the global textile industry as a leading provider of high-quality denim fabrics. With a workforce of approximately 280 dedicated employees and a production capacity of 50,000 meters per day, our company has become synonymous with innovation, quality, and sustainability in denim manufacturing.

Research and Development: The Core of Innovation

At HXH Denim, our commitment to innovation begins in our Research and Development (R&D) department. Our R&D team, comprising seasoned experts in textile engineering and design, focuses on developing new patterns and textile technologies that set industry standards.

  1. Pattern Development: Our designers work tirelessly to create unique denim patterns that cater to evolving fashion trends. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, they experiment with various weaves, washes, and finishes, ensuring that our products stand out in the market.
  2. Textile Technology: We invest heavily in researching new textile technologies that enhance the quality, durability, and sustainability of our denim. This includes developing eco-friendly dyeing methods, water-saving techniques, and advanced weaving processes that reduce our environmental footprint.
research and development

Production Environment: A Blend of Tradition and Technology

Our production facilities are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Spread across two factories, with a separate dyeing facility, our production environment is designed to optimize efficiency and quality.

  1. Woven Machine Technology: With 270 state-of-the-art woven machines, our production line is equipped to handle large-scale orders while maintaining the highest quality standards. These machines are regularly updated and maintained to ensure they operate at peak efficiency.
  2. Dyeing Lines: Our four dyeing lines use innovative dyeing techniques that not only provide vibrant and long-lasting colors but also minimize water and chemical usage. This approach aligns with our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.
  3. Cotton Line: Our dedicated cotton line is where the magic begins. Here, high-quality cotton is processed and prepared for weaving, ensuring that the foundation of our denim fabric is as strong as it is sustainable.
production environment

Exhibition Hall: Showcasing Our Craft

Our exhibition hall is more than just a display area; it’s a journey through the world of denim. Here, visitors can experience the rich history and future of denim fabric.

  1. Product Displays: The hall showcases a wide range of our denim products, from classic blue jeans fabric to innovative patterns and textures. Visitors can see and feel the quality of our fabrics, understanding the craftsmanship that goes into each meter of denim.
  2. Technology Demonstrations: Interactive displays demonstrate our advanced manufacturing processes, from cotton processing to the final weaving stage. This transparency in our production process builds trust and showcases our technological prowess.
  3. Sustainability Exhibit: A dedicated section of the hall highlights our sustainability initiatives. This includes information on our eco-friendly practices, such as water recycling, energy-efficient machinery, and sustainable raw material sourcing.

HXH Denim stands at the forefront of the denim manufacturing industry, not just as a producer of high-quality fabrics but as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. Our technology-driven approach, combined with a deep commitment to environmental responsibility, positions us uniquely in the global market. We invite partners, clients, and visitors to experience the world of HXH Denim, where tradition meets innovation, and quality is woven into every thread.

Exhibition Hall