Producto 854: Elevación de los estándares del denim en el mercado textil de Bangladesh

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In the competitive fabric industry, innovation and quality are paramount for success. This case study focuses on Product 854, our premium elastic denim fabric, which has significantly impacted the Bangladeshi market. Designed for excellence, Product 854 has redefined the standards for men’s denim wear, offering unmatched quality and variety. This article explores the technical characteristics of Product 854 and its advantages in creating high-end denim products.

Product 854 Advantages

Product 854 stands out in the denim fabric market with its unique features:

Superior Yarn Quality: Both the warp and base yarns are the finest ring-spun yarns, providing an exceptional hand feel and luster.

Color Variety: Each Anzhong variety of Product 854 comes in six colors, offering a wide range of options for designers and manufacturers.

Optimal Weight for Durability: With a safety weight between 12oz and 13oz, Product 854 is wear-resistant and durable, ideal for long-lasting denim wear.

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Speciation Weight 12.3 oz Width 58/59” Yarn Count 21*16/70 Density C=68 T=30 S=2 854 The fabric is so perfect good

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Advantages in Men’s Pants Production

When crafted into men’s pants, Product 854 offers several benefits:

Exceptional Luster: The pants made from Product 854 have a strong luster, making their high quality immediately recognizable, even to non-professionals.

Comparable to Top-Tier Brands: The finished product rivals the quality of pants from leading global brands, offering a premium choice for consumers.

Extended Color Range: With 2-3 more colors than typical industry offerings, Product 854 enhances customer competitiveness by providing more variety in the same series.

Low Defect Rate: The extremely low defect rate of pants made from Product 854 ensures a high shipment rate, setting a high-quality benchmark in the market.

Product 854 denim details

Situación y necesidades del cliente

Our client, a large fabric wholesaler in Bangladesh, faced increased competition due to a former agent becoming a rival with the same supplier. They needed a new supplier that could offer high-quality, innovative denim varieties at competitive prices. Our analysis indicated that the customer required advanced basic goods that were difficult to replicate quickly in the market and offered a competitive edge.

Nuestros servicios y prácticas

Initial Quality Evaluation: We recommended the customer start with a 20-foot cabinet of advanced basic goods to assess our production quality against their previous suppliers. This step was crucial for establishing trust and ensuring our fabrics met their high standards.

Feedback and Quality Improvement: Following positive market feedback, we began improving and upgrading the existing varieties. We focused on better quality, more color options, and enhanced durability. Despite a higher price, the improved quality translated into higher profits for the customer.

Situación actual del cliente

The introduction of Product 854 has transformed the client’s operations. They have developed new varieties and become a top wholesaler in Bangladesh, doing better business with our high-quality, innovative fabric. The stability in quality, variety, and competitive pricing of Product 854 has significantly reduced their market pressure, enabling them to stand out in the competitive fabric market.

Foto con clientes de Bangladesh

Product 854 exemplifies how innovative fabric solutions can meet and exceed market needs. By understanding and addressing the unique challenges of our Bangladeshi client, we provided a product that not only met their immediate requirements but also contributed to their long-term business growth. This case study highlights the importance of quality, innovation, and customer-centric solutions in the textile industry, principles that continue to guide our business approach.