What properties are needed in high quality denim fabric raw materials?

We focus on hand feel, washing effect, spandex, and the color performance to choose our raw materials. High quality denim fabric doesn't means high price denim fabric. For example, we have a collection for high quality work wear in good price, the main point we focus in is stable quality and unchanged color.

How much will it take for different types of denim fabric materials?

In order to provide the best quality denim fabric , manufacturers usually would not skimp on raw materials.For the base cotton material, the price can vary from $600 per ton to $5000 per ton. We have so many quality even for cotton level from: recycled, recycled match raw, original cotton, combed cotton, organic cotton. We will produce the denim fabric base on different kinds of client.

When was Hongxinghong established?

We established since 2004. Hongxinghong has been set for several years and has accumulated rich know how on the manufacture and sales.

How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?

Usually, 5000 meter is minimum order quantity for ODM products if the client trade by L/C, then we require at least 10,000 meter for minimum.

Is Hongxinghong an OBM?

Hongxinghong is a OBM now. We have our own design fabric which is not easy to copy like work wear denim.Also we have some other standard product that is good quality and low price which other factory hard to copy.