Analysis Of The Redesign Application Of Waste Denim Clothing

The Waste Denim Clothing

Denim fabrics are loved by consumers for their comfort, breathability, warmth, and abrasion-resistant texture, and almost everyone owns denim fabrics. According to the change of fashion trend, denim clothing every year the popular style is not the same, the rapid renewal of clothing not only caused by the waste of waste clothing, in the treatment of these garments when the landfill, incineration also caused pollution to the environment. This paper takes the secondary utilization of used denim as an example to briefly explain how to apply the concept of environmental protection in daily life, to provide certain reference value for the reuse of used clothing.

The Waste Denim Clothing2

Analysis Of The Objective Factors On The Redesign And Utilization Of Waste Denim Clothing

To realize the secondary use of waste clothing, we first need to clarify the two objective factors first is the existence of the status quo of waste clothing, the second is through the investigation of people’s views on the reuse of waste clothing, and the results of the survey statistical analysis of the waste clothing transformation and reuse of the people interested in what, and then targeted to the degree of the application of the application of waste clothing for the second time to make use of the method.

The current situation of used clothing

With the modern people’s living standards continue to improve, people’s demand for clothing also follow the fashion trend of continuous renewal and replacement, thus producing a growing number of large quantities of abandoned clothing. These garments are usually left unused at home or thrown away, resulting in a lot of waste and pollution of the environment. The decreasing raw materials for producing garments and the increasing number of unused garments have put China’s garment industry in a bad situation. In this case, if we can make good use of the waste clothing to make it has a new use value, not only to extend the service life of textile raw materials is also a good way to protect the environment.

People’s views on the redesign and utilization of waste clothing

Through the investigation of people’s views on the recycling of waste clothing. Statistical analysis of the results of the survey concluded that: in the surveyed population, the people who feel that environmental protection is very important accounted for 95%, while 78% of the unused used clothing is thrown away, 16% of the choice is to donate, only 6% of the people choose to transform and reuse. The percentage of people who think it is necessary to recycle old clothes is 68%. 82% of the people think that reusing unused old clothes plays a certain role in saving resources and protecting the environment. Analyzing the results of the survey, we found that in the age of 18-25 this stage of the youth population, everyone’s awareness of environmental protection is relatively strong, and this age group belongs to the main group of clothing consumption, so there will be a large number of used clothing. China’s waste clothing recycling situation is now in the primary stage, due to the current waste recycling system is not perfect, waste clothing is usually piled up at home and eventually thrown away with other garbage like landfill or waste incineration power generation way to deal with, and did not make full use of waste clothing.

It can be seen that as long as the waste clothing recycling system is more perfect or there are more tutorials related to the transformation and reuse of waste clothing, the feasibility of the environmental reuse of waste clothing is very high.

The Waste Denim Clothing

Application Methods For Design Utilization Of Waste Denim Fabrics

Screening of waste denim fabrics

In order to get a better shape in the secondary utilization, first we need to screen the denim fabric. When we carry out the reuse of waste clothing, we should skillfully use the fabric characteristics of waste clothing. After wearing denim clothes for a long time, usually the top at the elbow joint and the son at the knee will be deformed and the fabric will become thin, which is not conducive to secondary utilization. Therefore, according to the purpose of the availability of strength, usually screen some of the more rigid parts, such as the clothing piece of the body of the part of the trouser leg on the calf part of the infrequent force parts. Generally the intact parts are selected as much as possible during fabric screening.

Classification of used denim

After screening out the more complete denim fabrics, according to different denim fabrics with different soft and hard, different colors and textures, different decorative accessories (such as splicing lace, rivets, perforation and other processes) to carry out the corresponding classification and finishing. Generally with scissors and rulers will be divided into categories of different denim fabrics for trimming, so that the shape is more regular, easy to carry out the next step of modeling, sewing. Conditional can buy cutting board, trimming knife, more accurate clothing with a ruler, fixed gauge and other tools.

The Redesign Application Of Waste Denim Clothing

According to the design of the secondary use of waste denim fabrics

  • The design of household goods For a relatively small area of fabric, such as in the selection of the edges, incomplete and irregular parts can be spliced, made of household goods, such as adding people to fill the cotton as a pillow or transform the home cushions and so on. These designs are close to life, with the waste of denim fabrics for design and production, the finished product personality novel and give people a sense of simplicity, coupled with the denim belongs to a more versatile style, made of these household goods, saving the family expenses, high practicality, while doing it is also very simple.
  • The design of personal learning and living supplies According to the waste of denim fabrics, plus some accessories (such as cardboard, lining, buttons, etc.) for the bag, pencil bag, organizer storage bag design, reasonable use of waste denim original pockets and pressure line, etc., can be designed to create a unique personalized single product.
  • The denim fabric recycling clothing design In recent years the fashionable keywords of clothing design has been inseparable from the retro, denim as an evergreen model has been the favorite of fashion, and the concept of environmental protection is more and more attention today, some clothing designers very much promote environmental protection clothing design. Cowboy is loved by many designers for its classic and easy styling features. Combined with the popular trend and the concept of environmental protection, in recent years on the runway, you can always see the cow fabric transformation redesign clothing, through the denim splicing, filament destruction, printing, knitting and other design techniques to make the waste of denim fabrics in a new state back to the people’s vision. However, we can learn from the designers’ secondary design techniques of used denim fabrics and remodel our own outdated denim clothes, so as to make our original used clothes conform to the popular style of the current clothing, make full use of our own clothes, and increase the service life and value of it.
The Redesign Application Of Waste Denim Clothing2


With the improvement of production technology, the normal service life of clothing fabrics is much longer than the time we actually use in life, so the reuse of used clothing is completely feasible. The reuse of used clothing needs the majority of clothing consumers have such an environmental awareness and support in action. In our country now vigorously advocate the construction of “resource-saving, environmentally friendly” society, the development of circular economy environment, the reuse of used clothing is people should be aware of environmental protection is also the development trend of the textile industry.