Imitation knitting effect, twill style, classic evergreen

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12.3 oz



Yarn Count



C=68 T=30 S=2



The fabric is so perfect good color visible. It is cool and fashionable to imagine what you look like when you wear it. It seems to have a little slub Meantimes it has partly hidden and partly visible cross but not. It is just about the washing process. It is so easy to know the classic big twill supper right and fake knit denim. The stretch of this material is a bit but feels very soft. The material is heavyweight and thick. The surface is a little crud but soft. This style of fabric is suitable for all men's pants, and women's pants in autumn or winter. It is classic evergreen.

That is a good choice for all women wearing these blue colour denim pants, with freestyle, white colour shoes, and a dark blue overcoat in the winter season. It is so young and evergreen! It is so special even though it is classic. Also, that is a good choice for euro Indian men wearing high street style with blue colour denim pants, and a heavy overcoat. It is so cool!

That is a good choice for jeans garment. As Jackets, pants, jeans, and top clothing, the fabric weight is 12.3OZ. We can offer Blue-grey, dark blue, blue-black, and ultra dark blue colours ext.The Composition contains 66%cotton,32%polyester, and 2 % spandex. The fabric width is 150cm. The Please remember the style NO:854