warp and weft slub, available in multiple colors, men’s classic

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10 oz



Yarn Count



C=70 T=28 S=2



The fabric cross hatch is so perfect clearly visible. Then the lines are small. This is the big feature of this fabric. That is the reason why the fabric is hot sold the latest. First, the denim is made by OA with ring cross-hatch yarn. It feels so soft by your hands, so the quality is more competitive.

It is so easy to know the classic 3/1 twill denim. Another feature is the stretch of this material is a little. The shrinkage rate of the fabric is lower than the level of the same styles. So the fabric is not a big change after washing. Many men like that it is not easily deformed for its practicality. It has been used for a long time. The material is not heavyweight and not thick by your hand although 10OZ.

This style of fabric is suitable for middle-aged men and young men in spring, summer and autumn. It is fashionable, elegant, and classic for middle-aged businessmen. If the fabric is made in a few holes, it is very perfect for young men.

Its composition is 78% cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% spandex, providing a mix of comfort and durability. The fabric width is 165cm. Please remember the style number: SA383.