Product A99812: Revolutionizing Denim Wear in Challenging Markets

Successfully address the needs of Syrian customers

In the ever-evolving world of textile manufacturing, adapting to diverse market needs is crucial for success. This case study focuses on Product A99812, our innovative elastic denim fabric, which has made a significant impact in the challenging Syrian market. Designed for durability and cost-effectiveness, A99812 has become a staple for a Syrian clothing factory, navigating through a landscape marked by political unrest and limited resources. This article explores the technical characteristics of A99812 and its advantages in creating high-quality denim wear.

Technical Characteristics of Product A99812

Heavyweight Durability: At nearly 12 amps, A99812 is thick and wear-resistant, making it ideal for robust clothing needs.

High Cotton Content Yarn: The fabric is made from customized yarn with a high cotton content, balancing cost-effectiveness with quality.

Simple Washing Requirements: Designed to withstand simple washing processes, A99812 is suitable for environments with limited washing facilities.

Thick, blended but with a cotton feel, cost-effective, classic denim style

Speciation Weight 11.8 oz Width 62/63” Yarn Count 10*7 Density C=95 T=5 A99812 This fabric is the latest news out

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Advantages in Denim Wear Production

Versatility in Fashion: Suitable for both men’s and women’s clothing, A99812 lends itself to classic styles.

Durability and Comfort: The fabric’s thickness and wear-resistance ensure longevity, while its cotton content offers comfort.

Color Performance: A99812 maintains its color excellently, regardless of the washing method used.

Cost-Effective Quality: Compared to similar heavyweight all-cotton pants in the market, A99812 is more affordable yet matches in quality.

A99812 Denim Product Details
A99812 Denim Product Details

Customer Situation and Needs

Our client, a clothing factory in Syria, faced unique challenges due to the country’s unstable political situation. With no local professional fabric testing facilities and limited washing technology, they required fabrics that were not only cost-effective and of stable quality but also had simple washing requirements. Their previous reliance on cotton stretch fabric and 100% cotton denim from India had not fully met these needs.

Discuss requirements with Syrian customers
Discuss requirements with Syrian customers

Our Services and Practices

Tailored Variety Selection: Understanding the local market preferences, we provided the client with multiple fabric varieties, including A99812, to choose from. This approach allowed them to select fabrics that met their criteria for style, washing stability, and quality.

Focus on Comfort and Cost-Reduction: Analyzing the local demand for less elasticity, we recommended A99812, which offered the comfort of cotton without the high costs. The selection of fabrics without bamboo knots further reduced costs while meeting washing technology limitations.

Discuss product details with Syrian customers
Discuss product details with Syrian customers

Current Situation of the Customer

The introduction of A99812 has transformed the client’s operations. They now have a stable monthly purchase of one variety, with a demand of about 1-2 forty-foot containers. This stability in quality and pricing, coupled with the fabric’s suitability for the local market, has ensured the normal and stable operation of their factory. The client has successfully navigated the challenges of their environment, becoming a reliable source of high-quality, cost-effective denim wear.

Product A99812 exemplifies how innovative fabric solutions can meet specific market challenges. By understanding and addressing the unique needs of our Syrian client, we provided a product that not only met their immediate requirements but also contributed to their long-term business stability. This case study highlights the importance of adaptability, customer-centric solutions, and the pursuit of quality in challenging markets.

Successfully address the needs of Syrian customers
Successfully address the needs of Syrian customers