No stretch, classic texture, classic denim blue



11.9 oz



Yarn Count



C=90 T=10



This fabric is the latest news out of our products. The result after washed is better than the same style. It seems more white, light, and not old, departing others before. The biggest feature is classic blue, largely thick, and never out of style.

It is a classic woven by 3/1 twill. the denim is largely thick and made of 10s*7s yarn. The composition is mixed with 90% cotton and 10%ployester. Because the quantity of cotton is higher, and the polyester is less than others, it is deep for some people. The fabric weight is 11.9OZ BW and reaches 12.7OZ AW.So the handfeel is hale.So the quality is more competitive. The weft is 5% and the warp is 7%. So the width of the fabric becomes 155cm from 163cm. It is no cross and is subvisible. There is no stretch, cross, or slub but it feels soft and comfortable, classic. But it is not affected to use it although as is suitable for casual occasions. For example, this Western style of fabric is suitable for all men. Classic blue and twill is popular all the time.

It is hard-wearing too. It can be made in jeans with holes, so it makes men more tense and wild. Meantime, it is a neutral wind style and suitable for women. The jacket of this fabric is going to be made with a collar with a touch of fur. It is vintage and fashionable for women, not limited only to men.