warp slub style, ultra dark blue gray, tight elastic fabric, thick

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10.2 oz



Yarn Count



C=70 T=28 S=2



The fabric is so perfect good color visible. The denim is made from open-end (OE yarn) with ring slub yarn, so the price is more competitive. The highlighting slub is easily identifiable. It is a striking fabric. It is so easy to know the classic 3/1 twill denim. The stretch of this material is perfect comfort. The material is heavyweight and thick by your hand. This is the perfect combination of fashion and personality. It had added a new aesthetic despite the uneven appearance. This style breaks the monotony of the smooth denim fabric. This style of fabric is suitable for all men's pants, and women's pants in autumn or winter.

That is a good choice for fashion women wearing these deep blue colour denim pants, with little white shoes, dressing woollen overcoat in the winter season. Others can easily know that it is a free brand. It is so special and shows personality. Also, that is a good choice for fashion men. That is a good choice for jeans garment. Such as Jackets, pants, jeans, top clothing, etc.

The fabric weight is 10.2OZ. and is available in dark blue. Its composition is 70% cotton, 28% polyester, and 2% spandex, providing a mix of comfort and durability. The fabric width is 169cm. Please remember the style number: 891.